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At my core essence I am an artist: someone who endlessly thinks in colour and light, loves to explore different art making techniques and uses their hands to create beauty. I have literally painted my way out of many of life’s challenges such as grief, abandonment, anxiety and loneliness.

For me, art is a cathartic process, a way of expressing myself when there are no words to describe such deep, overpowering emotions. Patterns, strokes and symbols rush out of me onto the paper in a spontaneous fashion, as if my body knows quicker than my mind what it wants to portray.

Each piece has a story attached that I share with my audience hoping it will resonate with them on a soul level. Art and emotion are universal human traits that cannot be separated. Take a moment to read my stories and view my visual diary of life.

I sell A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm) prints of my original artworks for $80 plus shipping ($15). In addition, I sell some original pieces on canvas which vary in price, size and medium.

Buy an artwork to put on your wall today or as a gift for someone special.

Original Art Works