Individual Therapeutic Art Sessions

Personal well-being, healing and improved levels of functioning

Explore emotions, gain personal insights, cope with stress or boost self-esteem through the process of therapeutic art sessions.
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Individual Art Therapy Sessions - Freestyle Arts Currimundi

Why do individual therapeutic art classes at Freestyle Arts?

Individualised therapeutic goals

Individual sessions are tailored specifically to you. Jacqui is skilled at making a connection with her clients so they can discover and unlock their full human potential.

Improved levels of functioning

As you make the art, you may explore what you have created and how it makes you feel. With Jacqui's experienced guidance she assists people to express their emotions and grow into the best version of themselves.

Personal well-being

Through exploring your art, you can identify themes and conflicts that may be affecting your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and this recognition can help find a path to resolution, acceptance and increased feelings of personal well-being.

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Get 52 weeks of Art Therapy at home

"Therapy sessions at Freestyle Arts focus on enhancing self-confidence, social skills and resolves internal conflicts through the process of art making." - Jacqui Medina

How Therapeutic Art Sessions at Freestyle Arts Work

Step 1: Make an appointment for your individual therapeutic art activities online or over the phone for your preferred time. All conversations are confidential and sessions run for an hour.  

Step 2: On arrival for your first session you will complete forms pertaining to confidentiality, consent and legal obligations on arrival for your first session.  See where we are.

Step 3: Establish your therapeutic goals and engage in a short visualisation for grounding. Jacqui will work with you to help you establish your therapy goal and lead you through this visualisation to get started.

Step 4: Make an artwork using the medium chosen by the therapist. Jacqui will individually guide you through the process of creating art and then exploring that artwork to gain clarity and insight around your therapeutic goal.

Step 5: Explore your artwork with your therapist, answering the question what do you see? Rather than what did you draw? Often new perspectives arise from this experience, providing an opportunity for healing in a safe space.

Step 6: Gain insight and self-awareness through the process.  Students enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art and are supported to relate the insights they have gained back to the therapeutic goal. Clients may take the artwork created home if they wish.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton
"Jacqui creates a beautifully comfortable space to guide you through to uncover and discover the wonder within." - Individual Art Therapy Participant
"My son always bounces out of art therapy, a lighter version of himself. Thank you Jacqui." - Parent of Individual Art Therapy Participant

Build Confidence & Self-esteem

Through the process of creating art and reflecting on their internal thoughts and emotions participants build confidence and self-esteem as they realise and recognise their unique strengths and abilities.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The process of making art is cathartic allowing your mind to focus and quieten by pushing out all other thoughts; it can be almost meditative - helping to calm and ease stress and anxiety in many people.

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